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Wolf Machine is best described as a Job Shop. Our strength is our flexibility and willingness to accommodate; we will do “anything and everything”. Our general areas of expertise are 1) General machine work, welding and repair, 2) Fabrication and 3) Installation. In fabrication we make parts as well as equipment to the customer’s specifications and in the installation area we install machinery and equipment that we have fabricated or items the customer has purchased elsewhere.

General machine work, welding and repair are probably the largest part of our business. We do work for all of the local businesses as well as businesses in a thirty to sixty mile radius. Of course, we also do business for quite a few of the farming community.

Fabrication is a large part of our business; we fabricate to the customer’s specifications and guide lines. A service we provide for some of our larger customers is stocking parts for them until they need them. When business is slower, we fabricate parts for stock and sell them to the customer per piece and on a per need basis.

The installation area we install hoist systems, machinery, equipment, platforms and catwalks. It can be items that we fabricated or items the customer has purchased elsewhere.

One of the things that make us unique is the small town attitude we continue to utilize. It doesn’t matter if you are a large company or a local farmer we strive to treat all customers with the same respect and professionalism. We realize that when a farmer’s piece of equipment breaks down it is just as important to him and to the community as if a major piece of equipment breaks down at a large manufacturer. Down time cost them both time and money.

As long as we have been in business, what we have found the most interesting and rewarding is the unpredictability of our customer’s needs. It may be an auger for a grain bin, or a lady with an old pot that needs the handle repaired because it was her mothers and she can’t bear to throw it away. It could also be a part off an old car or tractor someone is restoring and can’t buy anymore; every piece has its own unique story behind it and we are glad to serve the community by providing our services.


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